Hi my name is Sydney and this is my website Sydneyland.My Uncle Dan wich you see below thought of the name.He's a sweetheart.I love my website and hope you do to.There will always be different stuff from me.Like mabey a new youtube video.Or I may surprise you and do nothing at all.I know this is nothing right now but I am working on it.


This is my awsome Uncle Dan.He is 30 and single.He is looking for a preety girl with a sense of humor and is'nt afraid to make a commitment.But does NOT want to have any kids.He is allways a gentleman.He never goes outside his apartment but if you are going to have a date with him he will treat you with respect and kindness.He is always a gentleman.So ladies just so you know he is avaliable.


This is my Uncle Dan's pug.The pug is 8 years old.The pug's name is P.D. He died sadly....but my UncleDan got a new pug...not as good as this one though...he will truly be missed...

I love pugs there soooooo cute!!!


 Sooo whats up people welcome to my website it's awesome I know.Just kidding I am not even done with it yet.As you can see.Tonight my  former friend Ally is stayed the night on  is her birthday.Tommorrow is also Logan Gortler's birthday.Tommorrow will be March 7,2009.I have a major crush on Dylan Sprouse.But I am going out with a dude named Taylor.


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Hi I am a very nice person,but mess with me or any of my friends and family you will wish you didn't I will get all my best friends and they will show you ruff.If you think I am being roud well you have nooooo idea.So if you think that I will not make you pay for what you do well guesse again.I will always have my friends back and I will never judge a person just because they are different cause arn't we all.I think that we should see what God sees as every living being beutiful cause one day we will all go to heven.Unless you have killed someone.If you have I want you to know there is help somewhere in this world.My friend Jessica B. one of my best friends will say something about me while I go to my bedroom to get something k well ready or not here she is.Hi my name is Jessica B. and this is what I have to say about Sydney......she is a nice person and well she is NOT single but she is smart and when you get on her bad side well lets just say GET ON HER GOOD SIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!But she isn't gonna hurt you or anything she will, just like talk to you about what you did, and probably give you scary glares [trust me it works]but anyways everyone should have a friend like Sydney.So they can tell you there feelings and you can tell her or him your feelings,and you can trust them.But sydney isn't just trustworthy,she is also nice,funny,smart,not an emo,straight,good fashion.Did I mention she is popular.Lucky her.Here is sydney.Hi I am back folks and well I got what I needed and so here I am!If you don't like that tuff,then log off of this website and do something else.Well I think that I should talk about something wierd like maby a bad joke.Okay so there was this giraffe on the Discovery Channel,and well she was giving birth and she was just standing there with no expression on her face and the baby just popped out like 8feet!!!!I was amazed!!!So anyways when the babby dropped she looked down and then started eating like it was no big deal!I was thinking in my head"Who in the world would not care and just still eat after she just gave birth"!Well that is it for today sorry mabby I will wright something else tommorrow.Bye Bye

April 4,2009

Look at the preety fishies!

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Hi it's me again!I have a boyfriend now we started going out on June 10,2009.I asked him out.I am very pumped.I love his personality and his smile.I might go to an end of the year party with him.It starts at his friends house and then moves to his.He makes me feel special.When he is around I feel like I can do anything but when he is gone I feel so depresed and all I want to do is see him again.I have no idea what I would do if he was not in my life.Well I will tell you one thing my life would suck without him.He means the world to me even though we have only been going out for two days.He cooks and he is an amazing drawer.I beleive he can do anything.Yesterday at lunch he saw me put a big smile on his face and started waving really fast I waved back of corse.Some people are making fun of me but I really do not care cause I really like him.Well I g2g Bye.

June 13,2009

Okay it is totally official I am in love!Me and my boyfriend have been going out for a month!We have been going out ever since June 10,2009 and today is July 10,2009! 

Hi everyone yesterday you remember I said I have been going out with my boyfriend for a month well now it has been a month and a day!I am so excited!I love him with all my heart.I would be nothing without him.I am getting a horse in like a few months acording to my parents.YAY!Well I hope you have a great day bye yall!

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